16 May

Cat Duster Slippers

Cat Duster Slippers

Keep your floors in a perpetual dust free state…unless your cat is more of a curl up on the couch type of cat.

8 Responses to Cat Duster Slippers

  1. Jacquie

    Do they sell these for dogs as well? If so, I would buy these!

  2. Sarah

    this is single handedly the most amazing invention ever!

  3. robin

    Someone must have spent hours staring at their cats wondering how to put them to good use.

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  5. Jackie

    This inventor is obviously a dog person – only dogs would put up with this sh-it. I hope someday someone captures the ignorance of such things and images and that it moves many people to finally realize that they are morons incapable of appreciating that cats don’t need to worship people.

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