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Basketball Popcorn Popper

I’m confident that some day I will find the perfect combination of sports fanaticism and kitchen appliance that will make me forget about how silly the combination is.

Teezies Decorative Golf Tees

Introducing the first tee that matches your lovely plaid golf pants. Also, the decorative part goes in the ground.

Personal Bike Lane LED

A not so subtle way to get someone out of your personal space


It seems like this is going to really great lengths to get rid of the bike seat wedgie.


Barbecue Dining Boat

Introducing the world’s most expensive bbq.

Golf Ball Life Vest

Safety first!

Brobdingnagian Basketball Chair

I’ve never once wished that I were using my chair to play basketball instead of sitting in it.

Underwater Cellular Phone System

How else will you check facebook while you are deep sea diving?

18 Jul



Dear Towelmate,
If you’re reading this, I think you should lose the branding on your towels. It’s a fantastic idea, but your large Towelmate logo on the towel is an invitation for thieves in the know that someone is stashing their valuables.

Zippered Vents Sleeping Bag

If your shoulders or knees need that extra ventilation