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USB Ionic Purifier

Yes, I do believe this tiny USB device plugged into my laptop will turn my office into waterfalls, rainbows, and unicorns.

Luggage Sleeves

Save yourself from embarrassment at the hotel check in line when you cover your luggage in a stylish pattern.  Bye bye boring black!

Socrates the Gargoyle Thinker

When only a very polite lawn ornament wiill do.

Protein Ketchup

I can finally justify my post-workout burger and fries.

You Go Girl Single Use Magic Toilet Powder for Women

I feel sorry for people who don’t wear their loud, stinky poops as a badge of honor.

Carry On Harness

Look mom, no hands!

27 May

Baggy Rack

Baggy Rack

The number of times in my life I’ve poured sauce or soup into a plastic bag: 0.

CatNix Workspace Partitions

I like that the cat can still longingly stare at you in the hopes that you will pay attention.

The Sunlight 365

If you are working so much that you don’t make it out of the office before dark, I’m not sure that an electronic version of the sun would really make you feel better.
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Scented Swimming Goggles

To truly appreciate the genius of these goggles, you must have been born with the ability to inhale through your nose underwater.  I’m not one of the lucky ones.