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Review:  Wind Up Sumo Wrestlers

The world may not be prepared for full contact wind up toys, but they’re here.  These wind up Sumo wrestlers lack the honor and pride that you’d traditionally find with such athletes, but they also don’t eat a 6,000 calorie diet each day, so they are a whole lot cheaper to keep around.  By our estimates, they provide 82% of the entertainment value of live Sumo wrestling. Read a full review, plus video after the break!

Product Review:  Monthly Doos – The 2011 Dog Poop Calendar

Happy Cyber Monday!  Surely you’re ignoring your work and doing all your holiday shopping.  Look no further!  Parents, grandparents, clergymen, baristas, and that creepy guy in accounts payable are the perfect recipients for The Monthly Doos 2011 calendar.  Each month features a “hound that made the mound” and important dog poop trivia.   Give your loved ones the opportunity to impress everyone they know with their vast knowledge of dog poop.  Don’t peek!  There’s something special about March.