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29 Jan



Love the idea, but there needs to be a discrete Phonekerchief. This one screams, “PLEASE REWARD ME OR SAY SOMETHING REALLY NICE ABOUT ME BECAUSE MY PHONE IS OFF FOR YOU!”.

12 Jan

iPhone Finder

iPhone Finder

The poor man’s version of this $50 device: you use another phone to call your phone when you can’t find it.

Phone Dumbbell

You’ll be ready for that body building competition in no time!


Quirky Beamer iPhone Case

There’s no app for that.

Spraytect Iphone Case

Effective when you’re walking down a dark alley talking on the phone. Not effective when you’re walking down a dark alley with your phone in your purse.

Bluetooth Talking Glove

While you may look like a douche when you’re wearing a bluetooth dongle, at least it keeps you looking like an adult and your hands free for other things.

DELTA415 Wearcom Smart Phone Jeans

Suddenly answering the phone at the dinner table doesn’t seem so rude.

God bless the Japanese.  The phone sex industry is never going to be the same.

Source:  PC World

All Ears Phone Case

This will really help you be an incognito iPhone user

Laugh and Learn Baby iPhone Case

I actually use this as my everyday iPhone case