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Bret Michaels Pets Rock Toys

I hear that Cesar Millan will be doing a national tour with his hair metal band, Venom, in 2015.

Puppy Cake Mix

Is it safe to eat the batter?

Tell Your Cat You’re Pregnant CD

While your cat may be plenty used to adult crying, it’s a good idea to get him ready for baby crying.


Mixed Breed Dog DNA Test

“Bark bark bark bark barkbark” means “you are not the father” in dog.

Whiskas Cat Milk

For those cats that are concerned with their calcium in take

Purrrrr Detector

is it necessary to turn everything into some sort of pseudo robot!?

Kitten Hot Water Bottle

Like the real thing for about 30 minutes!

Dogsbutter Peanut Butter for Dogs

Newsflash: Dogs can eat human peanut butter. By that same rationale, I bet this would make a great PB&J in a pinch.

Dog Nose Print Necklace

I’m sure your dog will love going through the process to create this necklace

15 Dec

Bow Lingual

Bow Lingual

Who knew dog’s thought about more than food and sleep