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Social Cappuccino Stencil Set

Why wouldn’t you want crowd approval for your morning cappuccino?

A4 Shelter Folder Safety Helmet

What impresses me most about this safety device is it’s usefulness. It can protect you from falling debris AND it holds 20 sheets of paper!

Hoodie Pillow Case

The hoodie pillow case is only slightly less practical than a blanket with built in socks.

5 Hilarious and Stupid G.I. Joe Products That People Actually Bought’s 5 Hilarious and Stupid G.I Joe Products that People Actually Bought

Portable Air Conditioner Spray

2 seconds of relief form the heat

Blood Bath Bath Mat

Limit your house guests

Vintage Working Lighter Cufflinks

+8 Points for ingenuity, fashion appeal, and usefulness. -6 points for the ease of accidentally setting oneself on fire.

Adventure Time BMO Interactive Buddy

I know we’re a little late to the April Fool’s gags, but remember that time ThinkGeek posted a TaunTaun sleeping bag as a joke, and it was so popular that it turned into a thing? I really really really need a BMO Gaming System!

Safe Travels Tote Bag

The TSA is not known for their sense of humor.

Personalized Pillow Face

What is the appropriate stage in a relationship to get your partner a pillow with your face on it?