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Social Cappuccino Stencil Set

Why wouldn’t you want crowd approval for your morning cappuccino?

23 May

Beer Savers

Beer Savers

I’d like to meet the person that can’t finish a bottle of beer.

Silicone Wine Glasses

These glasses decrease the risk of your drunk friends breaking glass, but only at the expense of increased risk of a wine stained carpet due to glass squishing. I, for one, would squish a full glass just to see how much liquid I can displace.

Nordic Ware Waffled Pancake Pan

So, is it a pancake or a waffle?

Crock Pot Create a Crock Custom Slow Cooker

Creating a custom crock pot suggests you’re going to spend time looking at it. What happened to set it and forget it?

Ramen Spoon and Fork

What does it take to blow my mind? Just the invention of the spork for ramen. This has the official DWRNT seal of approval.

Boxed Wine Stand

Turn that vintage 2012 into the star of your table.

Cool Touch Microwave Bowl

The inventor of the pot holder is rolling over in his grave.

Knice – Knife Ice

Lets teach children it’s ok to lick sharp objects!


Red Solo Cup Wine Glasses

The perfect gift for any boxed wine aficionado.