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20 Jun

Bra Planter

Bra Planter

Class up that garden

Freddy Krueger Toilet Cover

Things I do not want to see in the bathroom when I wake up to pee at 3am.

Via: Incredible Things

Blood Bath Bath Mat

Limit your house guests

23 Apr

Algae Lamp

Algae Lamp

Just make sure algae green goes with your design motif

Time Lapse Garden Cam

This will be a big hit with the kids at the next family gathering!

Carpet Alarm Clock

Just because my feet are on the floor, doesn’t mean I’m getting up. Also, where’s the snooze button?

Before and After Toilet Scale

If I owned this scale, I’d be in constant competition with myself to do bigger and better. Eventually, my diet would consist of nothing but beans and bran.

Skull Toilet Brush

It’s important to keep up that level of intimidation. Even in the bathroom.

15 Jan

Chair Socks

Chair Socks

Dress those chair legs up or down depending on the occasion