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Pig’s Foot Diet

Just think of all the sandwich possibilities!

Shreddies – Flatulence Filtering Underwear

Do we want to find out what is filtered out?

Casttoo Cast Tattoo

I’m not saying this is a bad idea – get a whimsical design and it’s like a practice tattoo that you can decide to keep if you still like it after six weeks. But do you really want to spend 6 weeks staring at a grotesque arm break? I’d think your cast is reminder enough of what’s going on under there!

13 Feb

Exercise Desk

Exercise Desk

There’s no way you’ll finish that report, but at least you’ll burn off the morning doughnut

Before and After Toilet Scale

If I owned this scale, I’d be in constant competition with myself to do bigger and better. Eventually, my diet would consist of nothing but beans and bran.

7 Jan

Fake Braces

Fake Braces

When your teeth don’t actually straighten you can cover by saying you went to Dr. Beauchamp

Cheap vs Expensive: Toothpaste Wringer

Your well designed $20 toothpaste wringer will pay for itself after 30 tubes of toothpaste.

Milkscreen Breast Milk Alcohol Test

Providing peace of mind to alcoholic mothers everywhere.

The 25 Most Ridiculous Stress Relief Products’s 25 Most Ridiculous Stress Relief Products

Knitted Yoga Ball

Home gym as art. Wait til you see what they’ve done with the treadmill.