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Basketball Popcorn Popper

I’m confident that some day I will find the perfect combination of sports fanaticism and kitchen appliance that will make me forget about how silly the combination is.

Suzy Kuzy Beer Koozie Mitt

So many unanswered questions: Is this simply meant as a fashion accessory for your beer? Are you worried if your beer is in a regular koozie, that it’s prone to dropping? Is your hand meant to be at the same comfortable temperature that your beer is at?

Caffeinated Sugar

There’s an evil part of me that wants to bake a cake for a child’s birthday party and send the kids home with a caffeinated sugar high. There’s a practical side of me that just wants caffeinated blueberry muffins.

27 May

Candle Fork

Candle Fork

I’m in favor of anything that gets me to cake faster. Just make sure you blow out the candle before digging in.

Budweiser Bowtie Can

A bowtie doesn’t make it any less of a redneck beer.

Wine Cork Tuxedo

Just be careful not to include any of your Charles Shaw corks.


15 May

Brief Jerkey

Brief Jerkey

This is exactly what I think of when I hear the term: Edible Undies



Velveeta’s Shepherd’s Pie Kit

Powdered cheese makes any meal more delicious

Annie Chun’s Sushi Wraps

If I’m forgoing my favorite sushi spot to prepare some at home, a 5 pound bag of rice and some sheets of seaweed seems like a much better purchase.

Most Ridiculous Caffeine Filled Products Ever’s Most Ridiculous Caffeine Filled Products Ever