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Keyboard Quiet Cover

Or you can buy the challenge model that comes without the clear plastic panel.

16 Port USB Hub

To avoid an unnecessary USB Octopus, you’re just going to have to make a mature decision and decide between keeping your USB Heated Bento Lunchbox, USB Shoe Foot Cooler, or your Ramen Cup USB Humidifier plugged in.

11 Mar

Kabling Cable

Kabling Cable

It’s important that your gender is considered in the purchase of practically every product


Thanko Quiet Keyboard Cover

I’m the person in the office with the loud keyboard. Deal with it.

iPotty iPad Potty Training

If this takes off, we’re going to raise an entire generation that associates Apple with poop.

Via: ABC News

Calculator Mouse

When I was younger, I really really wanted a Casio Calculator Watch. I’m glad I’m older and wiser now, because this calculator mouse just seems silly.

Clothespin Flash Drive

The only way I can get my grandma to use a flash drive


Game Boy Dress

The guys at Comic-Con would go crazy for this!


Awesome Bento Art’s Awesome Bento Art

Olympic Gold Flash Drive

This is almost as good as winning the 200 meter butterfly