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How To Avoid Falling Book

How to Avoid Falling, Lesson #1: Walk Very Carefully. That concludes this book.

Smash Mouth Cook Book

Thirteen years too late, Smash Mouth, you peaked at Astro Lounge.
Via: Incredible Things

Edifi Family Christian E-Reader

Christians, don’t settle for the more powerful, less holy Kindle.

How to Avoid Huge Ships

I am an expert at avoiding small ships, but now I can really become well rounded!

Homeschooling For Dummies Book

Acknowledging your at “dummy level” in homeschooling means you might want to continue sending your child to school.

Mommy, Why is there a Server in the House – Book for Kids

Make that awkward server conversation a little more palatable

Farmville for Dummies

Not knowing how to play Farmville is a sign that you shouldn’t be playing Farmville.

Inverted Book Shelf

For the hipster reader

Wii Fit for Dummies Book

If this book is on your must read list, you deserve to be fat.

How to Date a White Woman Book

Just in case you have any questions about whether white women bind their feet.