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FlyeBaby Infant Airplane Seat

On a scale from 1 to 10, how much of a curmudgeon am I if I request a new seat after the mom behind me informs me that I can’t recline in my chair because she has her baby propped up against it.

The Windi Baby Gas Relief

I’m sure this is useful to some parents. However, in the wrong immature hands, this merely turns into a gas funnel that assists in lighting farts on fire.

Tell Your Cat You’re Pregnant CD

While your cat may be plenty used to adult crying, it’s a good idea to get him ready for baby crying.


30 Mar

Baby Hjloster

Baby Hjloster

Just don’t get the two confused!

Burberry Baby Touch Perfume

If your newborn smells bad, you probably need to change his diaper, not mask the smell with perfume.

iPotty iPad Potty Training

If this takes off, we’re going to raise an entire generation that associates Apple with poop.

Via: ABC News

Baby Buff Dumbells

It’s best to begin intense weight training at 18 months.


19 Sep



For you parents who are sick and tired of your children sleeping through the night, enjoy the Incredibeds induced night terrors.

28 Jun

Time Out Pad

Time Out Pad

Punish your kid by giving them a toy that has flashing lights and noises…what a second….

Mommy’s Magic Kit

This would be way cooler if the word “magic” didn’t mean: 1 band aid, 1 bib, 1 pack of kandoo wipes, and a zipper pouch…