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Shreddies – Flatulence Filtering Underwear

Do we want to find out what is filtered out?

15 May

Brief Jerkey

Brief Jerkey

This is exactly what I think of when I hear the term: Edible Undies



Donut Stack Sweatshirt

If you buy this sweatshirt in a small, nobody is going to believe you like donuts that much. If you buy this sweatshirt in an XXL, you’re just perpetuating stereotypes. You can’t win.

Vintage Working Lighter Cufflinks

+8 Points for ingenuity, fashion appeal, and usefulness. -6 points for the ease of accidentally setting oneself on fire.

Under Armour Superman Compression Shirt

I’m confused why Under Armour would make a product for elite athletes that will more likely appeal to nerds.

Hickies Elastic Lacing System

Call me old fashioned, and call me unfashionable, but don’t call me lazy. I still tie my shoes, after all.

8 Apr

Jean Boots

Jean Boots

My Canadian tuxedo is not complete!

Third Ear Earrings

If you love earrings, but you are taking a minimalist approach

Pixelated Towel

Give the aura of r-ratedness

Ultimate Top 10s Inappropriate Kids Shirts

Ultimate Top 10’s Inappropriate Kid’s Shirts